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Shengmilo, originating from David's pursuit of a better way to travel. David is someone deeply passionate about outdoor activities and environmental sustainability. Due to the congestion and severe pollution in his city, he constantly feels the nauseating smell of car exhaust and the disruption caused by noise. He sought a solution that would blend his love for cycling with the practicality of modern transportation. During his daily commute, he encountered an electric bicycle for the first time, prompting David to create a truly exceptional electric bicycle brand—Shengmilo.

Shengmilo swiftly rose from a startup brand. To date, Shengmilo has transformed from a factory with eight years of bicycle manufacturing experience into an online bicycle brand. Shengmilo has earned the trust and support of numerous consumers through innovative design, high-quality manufacturing, and attentive service. 


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As time progresses and technology advances, electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. Shengmilo electric bicycles emerge, aiming to provide modern urbanites with a green, efficient, and convenient mode of transportation. Supported by innovative technology and guided by environmental principles, Shengmilo is committed to promoting green travel and improving people's quality of life. Our goal is to provide users with high-quality, high-performance electric bicycles, allowing more people to choose environmentally friendly, healthy, and convenient modes of transportation, and together, create a fresh and livable future for cities.

 E-mail:  info@shengmilo-bikes.com